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Why Alexander Technique?

Why do people practice the Alexander Technique?

The AT has something to offer to anyone who’s willing to give it an earnest try. That said, there are a few camps that are particularly drawn to the work.


Chronic Pain is so ubiquitous that a former US Senator used to greet random constituents by asking “how’s your back?” Whether a nagging low back, a stiff neck, or a tingly sciatic nerve, many, many folks have experienced pain that is pesky and persistent. The Alexander Technique can be a saving grace for people with ongoing pain. The AT is not about treating symptoms, but rather looking at patterns of movement, posture, and reaction that are placing strain on the system in general.


‘Good Posture’ is connected to resilience, confidence, and health. And yet as a concept, posture is wildly misunderstood. This is partly because there is a gap in what we can and cannot control in our bodies. If, for example, your child slouches and all that was needed was to tell them stand up straight, then we would be in very different boat. The Alexander Technique seeks to bridge the gap so that our willing + wishing is in line with what is actually happening our body.


The Alexander Technique can be found in high caliber performing arts institutions around the world. Actors, Musicians, and Dancers have long practiced the AT to better understand themselves and to subsequently hone their craft. Recently Lupita Nyong’o spoke to the impact the work had on her while studying at Yale. Previously, the AT has had public endorsements from Trisha Brown, Paul McCartney, Alan Rickman, Sir Ian McKellen, and many more.


After a fall with 2 spinal compression fractures I was left with mid back pain, unsteadiness and extreme fear of falling. Alexander Technique was recommended in a book on recovery from osteoporosis.
I was fortunate to find Steve, a very experienced and skilled Alexander teacher who has been working with me for several months. It’s hard to put into words the benefits I have received. My pain is markedly improved as is my balance. But most important is the feeling of confidence with movement that i have acquired with Steve and Alexander Technique. Even the repetitive strain issues in my arms from computer work that plagued me for years have improved. Steve is a great teacher, approachable & thoughtful, he lives the Alexander work and encourages me to expand and try new approaches - without pushing beyond my abilities or tolerance. In his teaching, he is wise and integrates yoga, dance and other healing modalities. Would highly recommend Steve Moses and Alexander Technique to anyone who wants to learn how to be in the world more gracefully, mindfully, effortlessly and painlessly.

-- Maria R., M.D.

Thanks to Steve’s commitment to the Alexander Technique (AT), and to his talent and gift as an AT practitioner, I am experiencing a new freedom within my body, of ease and grace in movement. I came a few weeks ago because I was dealing with chronic neck and back pain; and with Steve’s guidance and use of the AT methods, my neck is feeling less tension, and my back - well pain free! I would highly recommend Steve as an outstanding practitioner to any one considering better use of their body. Thank you!

Rocío B.

Learning the Alexander Technique has taught me about common patterns of movement and effort that contribute to chronic pain. Through regular lessons the body is slowly and easily trained to complete everyday activities with less strain and tension, allowing the body to move with greater ease. I now have faith that even if I go through a painful episode, I have techniques to use that will soon bring me back to comfort. Jaimi and Steve are both kind and knowledgeable guides who care deeply about their work and their clients. After many years of massage, physical therapy, acupuncture and other treatments, learning the Alexander Technique has done the most to sustainably eliminate pain from my daily life and give me optimism for the future. Thank you!

Alyssa T.