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Connectivity Clinic

  • Namaste Rockridge 5416 College Avenue Oakland, CA, 94618 United States (map)

Develop a safe and graceful yoga asana practice by expanding your kinesthetic literacy. Learn to sync up the ever present relationships in your body, recognizing and honoring them in a deeply practical way - so you can find the elusive “sweet spot”  between effort and ease

Think about it: When you reach your arms up, what is your pelvis doing in response? How does this relate to the movement of your shoulder girdle or the spatial intention of your eyes? How do these relationships shift and change as you fold forward?

The primary intention of this workshop is to introduce a skillful kinesthetic framework that equips you to practice at the crossroads of effort and ease. It's fun, it's useful, and it just feels good.

Join Jaimi for an afternoon of connectivity + embodiment.