Let's Get Psychophysical

Try This

Free Your Neck 

Consider this:

Bodies are full of habits and in general habits lead to excess muscular tension. Which leads to strain. Which may eventually turn into pain.

Try this:

Squeeze your fist.
Now stop squeezing.
Squeeze again, Let go again.
Notice that by stopping, your hand naturally balloons up a bit. 
It's like pushing on a spring and then letting go.

Now direct your attention to the place where your spine + skull meet. 
It's just behind the soft palette. 
In between the ears. 
In front of the base of the skull.

Assume that that place is like your squeezed fist.
Rest your attention there.
Can you allow it to do less?
To free up?
To expand?

Now let that freedom and expansion trickle into the rest of your body.
Imagine the length of the spine.
The width of the shoulder girdle.
The easiness in the glutes and quads. 

And then return to the freedom of the neck.

Going through this simple thought process can have a profound affect. 

Try it while sitting at the computer, standing in line at the grocery store, opening a jar, or in downward facing dog.

Constructive Rest

find a firm surface, the floor will do
lie on your back

prop a book or two underneath your head
place your feet flat and close to the sit-bones
let your hands - not interlaced - fall gently below the rib cage

don't squirm, press, or flatten
keep your eyes open
attend to the warm and cool sensation at your nostrils

move the spotlight of your attention to
the place where your spine and skull meet
from there trace the length and width of the back

rather than melting, imagine your body becoming springy
allow the unraveling tension to bounce back
reconnect with your body's resilience

rest here for five minutes 

constructive rest is one of the best ways to hit your body's reset button on a daily basis

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