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Alexander Technique

Move Well. Live Well.

The Alexander Technique coaxes away patterns of tension that interfere with posture, movement, and well-being. The AT is equally applicable to back pain, sitting in front of a computer, picking up a toddler, playing the violin, doing down-dog, or in the long term, aging with ease. Aldous Huxley said that trying to describe the Alexander Technique is like trying to describe the taste of a banana to someone who has never had one. The best way to learn more is through private lessons. Ready to learn more?

...as a writer who spends hours every day hunched at the desk, the Alexander Technique has taught me how to change my attention to movement in a way that nothing else has been able to.
— Ruby M.

“Steve and Jaimi are incredible!!! It is such a tremendous pleasure to work with them both. I have been taking Alexander Technique lessons for several months now and the results are tremendous. Scoliosis and an intensive spinal surgery have lead me to seek out many modalities for my chronic pain. AT has been one of the most insightful and healing processes during this journey. It has helped me to improve my muscle functioning and retrain old patterns of movement that have been limiting me and causing distress to my body. Each lesson is so revealing - illuminating these old patterns and subtly - yet profoundly - suggesting another way.”

—Carly W.

It feels too small to write only one review for Jaimi and Steve -- I am grateful for the spaces they create every time I share them. Yoga classes with Jaimi are thoughtful and intentional, and still creative and playful. Her specific cues and sequences challenge me to find new space in my body. Alexander lessons with Steve are illuminating. I am learning about the habits in my body that impact every part of my well-being. I leave lessons feeling light and curious. Oftentimes we exercise to turn off our minds. That is not the case here. I wholeheartedly recommend Jaimi and Steve to anyone who seeks movement to think more, and not less, about space, time, intention and relationships.

—Josie I.

I wasn’t quite sure what I hoped to get out of working with Steve when I scheduled my first 1:1 session. What I did know was that I was open to trying something new and searching for an experience to help provide balance in my life. I’ve seen a number of people note in their reviews of the Alexander Technique that it’s difficult to describe the shifts this practice invites, but it’s worth stating again. While what you learn in each lesson is hard to qualify through language, it’s empowering to recognize the changes in your body and life that occur early in the process and over the course of time. Each lesson is simultaneously routine and transformative. I’ve experienced a greater recognition of the amount of stress I hold in my body, an increased sense of openness, a significant reduction in the tension I carry in my neck and shoulders, and a feeling of calm and overall expansion. While the content of lessons can appear quite simple from the outside, I come away from each feeling as though Steve has tailored every movement specifically for me, guiding and meeting me where I am every time I enter the room.

—Ashton B.

...understanding the Alexander Technique is more fundamentally radical, modern, and up-to-date in its implications than anything else available.
— John Nicholls