"...both extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, gentle... with a constant ability to translate complex ideas into an experience that resonates." 


Jaimi Patterson

My yoga classes are fluid, smart and intentional. I hold the space for you to find space -  empowering you to dynamically align your body through waves of connectivity. I am particularly influenced by my training in dance, developmental movement and the Alexander Technique and I like to think that I convey this unique blend of embodiment with gentle, yet stern encouragement.

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I've been teaching yoga for over 10 years now. In addition to my own blend of Vinyasa - EmbodyFlow - I've completed prenatal training with Jane Austin. I love love love moving with expecting mamas.

At the core of my teaching is a silent decade of training in the Alexander Technique. I am certified to teach by the American Society for the Alexander Technique with 1600 hours over three years but in reality, I have spent thousands of hours engaging with this work. It continues to foster change within me on such profound levels that I can't help but want to continue sharing this work with everyone.

In addition to the AT training, I was an Associate Lecturer at a major university where I was named by first year students as 'the person on campus who has helped them the most in their college success.

Steve moses

I am a movement teacher and practitioner based in Oakland, CA. I locate the heart of my attention in the Alexander Technique and I am certified to teach per the 1600hr. standard of the American Society for the Alexander Technique

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Initially I trained as a dancer & choreographer, but eventually I realized that the training was always in preparation for the stage and I was more interested in movement as a vehicle for inquiry and health.

Through dance I appeared in symphony halls, opera houses and on stages in Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and San Francisco. A critic described my dancing as “flowing like beautiful, confident penmanship...” and said my choreography made him "a little happier about being human". I danced with companies, produced my own rooftop dances on sweaty midwestern nights and ultimately walked away from a graduate school fellowship.

Running parallel to dance was the Alexander Technique & Functional Movement Integration - I stayed on with my teacher for nearly a decade before I certified to teach. Thousands of hours of self-study has become the basis for how I approach movement in front of a class or in a private lesson.

Movement is for everyone and I love helping people move better. There is no greater joy than seeing the dots connect for a student.