Move With Us.


Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is equally applicable to back pain, playing the violin, sitting in front of a computer, doing down-dog or washing the dishes. Movement is movement. And how you move matters.

EmbodyFlow Yoga

"Jaimi has a way that somehow combines precision with flow. Her support is both spoken and felt and at the end of a class my inner self feels like is has gracefully danced."


Expand your framework. Dive deeper. Move in new ways.


Private Lessons are the best way to learn more. 

This is the way it's been done for over 100 years.

EmbodyFlow Yoga is a movement practice rooted in hatha vinyasa yoga with an emphasis on fluid patterns of connectivity.

Jaimi developed her unique style of teaching yoga over the past decade while honoring the rich embodied practices found in her dance and Alexander Technique training. You can find her in Oakland + Berkeley, California.